Why not buy a book or use online resources?
Book and online educational sites are wonderful resources to help educate your child. However, the majority of research suggests that children learn best through play and active learning. MC2 utilize a play based approach to teach your child about numbers and mathematical concepts to build a solid foundation for growth in this discipline.
Why introduce numbers/math to young children? Won’t they learn all of this eventually?
We believe that young children are eager to understand the world, which primarily is comprised of two things language and numbers. Historically, children are praised for their ability to read at a young age. We believe this should be true for counting and simple arithmetic. Additionally, understanding basic mathematical concepts enriches your child’s reasoning and logic abilities. Research studies have confirmed that exposure to math enhances your child’s overall development and academic success.
What does MC2 offer? What is the program?
MC2 offers three trimesters focusing on building a foundation from numbers to applications of numbers in the world through play. Each trimester is comprised of twelve, one-hour classes. Each class is purposefully planned and we offer a healthy student teacher ratio, in order to provide maximum attention to each child. In addition to the class work, students will receive homework to be completed with a parent or trusted caregiver to reinforce the information they learned that week. Moreover, parents will receive helpful hints to reinforce mathematical concepts with their child. Additional information can be provided upon request.
How will I know if my child is ready for a program like MC2 ?
MC2 offers trial class before the beginning of each trimester. The instructors will provide potential clients with feedback about their child’s current abilities following the trial class. Then the parent can review the trial class materials, which will mimic the trimester’s format and decide if this type of class is worth their investment. We also encourage parents to talk to their children about the trail class. Did they enjoy it? Would they like to return, play and learn some more? We value feedback, so we can deliver the best product for your investment.
What if my child misses a class?
Our classes build upon another. If your child has to miss a class, we will provide the materials to you and do our best to bring your child up to date upon their return.
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