At MC2 we follow a play based approach to teach math concepts & their applications in real life. Our mission is to cultivate your child with skills like -
Mental Agility: We work on enhancing the memory skills of the child as well as teaching them methods for faster arithmetic calculations on their fingertips!
Analytical Logic: We encourage and groom kids to be analytical and logical thinkers with out of box ideas, so that they can look beyond the one dimensional array of numbers – be multi dimensional.
Self Confidence : We give your child an advantage. As they are in their comfort zone of numbers they perform better in school. This confidence generates more positive belief that they can achieve what they wish to accomplish in the future.
Thinking Critically : We motivate kids to develop number sense, compare, contrast, draw inferences. We enhance their problem solving skills by actively encouraging them to think in new and different ways. It’s similar to putting training wheels on the bike, except we are putting them on their mind at the ripe age. We are helping them take the first steps to making decisions, evaluate information, and determine right from wrong.
Engaged & Focused : We have developed fun interactive worksheets for kids to do in classroom as well as at home. This increases their stamina to stay focused while learning. Longer attention span is directly proportional to better learning.
Reasoning: We teach kids math concepts and their applications along with giving tips & ideas for parents to practice math in everyday life. With the development of mathematical reasoning, kids recognize that math makes sense and is a vital component of our daily lives.
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