We are an independent education providers who seek to enrich and enhance your child’s knowledge base of numbers & beyond through our structured curriculum and our value proposition:

MC2 offers the opportunity to engage your child in playful math activities to help them develop a strong foundation by exploring the concepts behind them.

MC Square is a great way to enrich your child’s day with mathematical inspiration. 

Step 1

We offer Parent Orientation via phone, email or in person incase you have any questions

Step 2

We offer a free trial class a week before the beginning of the trimester. Contact us to sign up

Step 3

Classes begin, each trimester comprises of 12 classes of 1 hour duration. The flow of the class is –

  • Children will participate in songs, stories, art and customized games tied to a different math topic each week such as patterns, shapes, numbers, arithmetic, applications and more. 
  • Kids work on classroom worksheets under the supervision of the instructors
  • Each child receives a folder with the following take home materials –
    • Fun & interactive worksheets to reinforce the concepts
    • Tips & ideas for parents to practice math with their child via everyday conversations
    • Suggestions on children’s story books based on the concept taught in the class
    • Class Flow for the parents to know all that was done and taught in the class
Books and additional materials can be provided, if desired by the child.

Step 4

Graduation Day! We give your child a certificate of completion to acknowledge their work over the 12 classes. As our trimesters are progressive and build upon another, you also have an option of enrolling in the subsequent trimester.
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