It’s Time for a Mathemagical Extravaganza! This summer get ready to be amazed, and soon you will be amazing others!

MC Square’s Math and Magic program is a series of 7 independent fun online workshops that helps you discover the hidden connect between math & magic. The objective of the workshop is to keep your child mathematically engaged by having them learn math with the help of magic. The focus will be on learning mathematical card tricks and number tricks to explore the fun side of math.

Whether it is using algebra to guess someone’s age or using math concepts to figure out the day of the week you were born or predicting someone’s chosen card using math principles - over the span of 7 classes your child will learn 21 mathematical magic tricks and much more.

Week 1: Magical Birthday!

Your birthday is the most exciting day in the year. This session we will learn some cool math magic tricks around your special day!                                                                              

Week 2: Socially Distanced Math-Magician

In these uncertain times, there is one thing that is certain - Math & Magic have a lot in common. This session we shall learn card tricks and number tricks which will amaze your family & friends 6 feet away or for that matter even miles away!

Week 3: Fun with Algebra - Part 1

The mathematical concept of algebra is used in many card and numeric tricks. In this session we shall explore the magical powers of algebra!                                                                              

Week 4: Fun with Algebra - Part 2

Let's hear it for algebra! In this session we shall continue strengthening our magical powers as we learn more mathematical magic tricks!                                                                              

Week 5: Magic with Numbers

Is it magic or is it math? In this session we shall learn some amazing number tricks along with a card trick which uses number properties in the background.                                                                              

Week 6: Get, set go..... become a Mind Reader!

Hone your psychic powers! In this session we shall learn some magic tricks which will give the illusion of your ability to read someone's mind, or make predictions - all using the power of mathematics.

Week 7: Turn into a Genius!

In this session we shall turn into a human calculator by learning some quick mental calculation tricks. The special card trick this session will defnitely make you look like a genius!
Please email us at for more information about program curriculum, pricing, timings and other details.

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