Let’s make math fun to learn and become a human calculator! Join us in learning world’s fastest mental math system with benefits like –

  • Improved academic performance
  • Increases mental agility & concentration
  • Increases speed and accuracy
  • Sharpens mind & increases intelligence
  • Enhances logical & reasoning skills
  • Increases visualization skills

MC Square’s weekly comprehensive mental math program is suitable for age 8 and above and is divided into 4 modules – addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. Each 60 minute session has the following 3 components:

Mental Math Techniques

In each session we learn and practice efficient computational methods to increase speed and accuracy in calculations. Whether it is 232 x 11, 452, 98 x 97 or 1002 x 1004, your child will be able to do all of them mentally in a matter of just a few seconds!

Special Activity

MC Square endeavors to develop the logical, analytical and deductive reasoning skills which are the supporting pillars of mathematics. In each session your child will either learn a math/logic puzzle, mathematical card trick or play a customized math game.

Math on your fingers!

To make learning fun for kids, each session is concluded with a goodbye fun tip. We explore how magical and logical math is that even our fingers can be used for some fun math stuff!

Please submit below form or email us at for more information about program curriculum, pricing, timings and other details.

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